Attorney Julie Gaudreau is exceptional

March 16, 2019

I hired attorney Julie Gaudreau after being charged with a first offense OUI. I was charged after reporting a minor accident involving only myself due to exhaustion. The arriving officer immediately suspected and accused me of driving under the influence due to the fact I had stated I was on my way home from a birthday dinner. After discussing my case with Julie we decide to take the case to trial. Julie was outstanding at presenting my case during a bench trial in Worcester. She argued the minor accident happened due to exhaustion, and many of the officers accusations of impairment in his report and testimony could also be used to describe someone who was exhausted. After everything was presented at trial the judge found myself not guilty of operating while under the influence. Julie has been unbelievably helpful and informative throughout my entire case, answering and explaining any question I have presented to her. I highly recommend Julie and her team they are truly outstanding!!!


Fantastic experience all around!

September 26, 2018

I was charged with OUI in June and hired Julie to help me out. Right from the beginning her and Michael were extremely informative and supportive. They answered all my questions, attended every court hearing with me and answered every text or call. Julie is extremely friendly and easy going, but dont let that deceive you. The moment shes standing before the judge or the jury, shes professional, stern and passionationate. I loved working with her and highly suggest her to anyone.


Amazing Attorney

June 26, 2018

Julie knocked itbout of the park with my case. She found many holes in the cops statements that didntbmatch to with what I was charged for. I got a not guilty verdict and it was all thanks to her and Delsignore Law Firm! Highly recommended

Jordan F


May 30, 2018

I hired Julie Gaudreau to represent me in an OUI case. Her professional approach and knowledge of the matter resulted in a "not guilty" verdict. She was very thorough, detailed and articulate throughout the process. I highly recommend her services!


Excellent OUI Attorney

January 11, 2018

Having never been arrested for anything in my life I found myself in an awkward predicament when I was arrested for an OUI offense. I had no idea where to turn and when I asked other people about OUI attorneys all I heard was "This person will charge you a fortune but will get you off!" I also heard stories about people that were charged a fortune but did not get off. It was a frightening time to say the least. I wanted a lawyer who not only was an expert regarding OUI cases but someone who genuinely cared about their clients. After much research I decided to set up a meeting with the law office of Attorney Michael Delsignore. I found both Michael and Attorney Julie Gaudreau to be not only thoroughly knowledgeable in their field but also genuinely sincere and confident that they could help me in this trying time. To make a long story short, Michael laid the groundwork for my case and Julie took the reins representing me in court throughout the entire process. The result was a "Not Guilty" verdict. There was never a time when I was left in the dark and she was very responsive anytime I contacted her about my case. Julie and Michael campaigned for the dismissal of my breathalyzer test when it was discovered that Massachusetts breathalyzer tests were found to be faulty. It was this type of aggressive action that I feel led to my acquittal. I am forever indebted to Julie for all her hard work on the trial portion on my case. I highly recommend her to represent anyone who is need of an excellent lawyer.


Highly recommended!

December 30, 2017

ulie was an absolute joy to work with , even during a stressful time like my very first OUI offense (yay me) She was able to keep me grounded and not worry overly much, and has a wonderful way of humanizing her clients , what I mean is she treated me as a person not a paycheck. She would give me constant updates to the case and I felt totally confident with my future in her hands, she certainly did NOT disappoint since she helped to get me a NOT GUILTY ! I couldn't have asked for anything more from her


Oui Massachusetts

December 7, 2017

After receiving my oui November 2016 I called Ms. Gaudreau. She met with me that day and advised me to fight my case. She was available to answer my questions anytime. I feel that her final arguments sealed the deal for me. I was found not guilty. She was also willing to go the extra mile and come back to court to get my records sealed. She was knowledgeable and available.



September 29, 2017

Julie was not only very professional and a skilled attorney,but she was also VERY passionate about working hard for my case. She would always be on top of everything and made sure she stayed in contact with me and held several meetings to go everything to make sure she was fully prepared to defend me to the best of her abilities. It is very difficult to find attorney's like this now a days. I would absolutely recommend Julie to anybody in my family or friends if they told me they needed a criminal lawyer. Thank you VERY MUCH for everything Julie.


Terrific representation and knowledgable support

August 22, 2017

I would highly recommend Julie if you're dealing with an OUI/DUI case. This, unfortunately, is the second time I've been in this type of situation and Julie consistently made me feel at ease. Throughout each and every court appearance, Julie was extremely dilligent, precise, and always confident in building and stating our case. Fearing what could result in loss of license, probation, or even jail time, Julie constantly reassured me that the facts of the case were highly in our favor. She went above and beyond, gathering intricate details to make our agrument stronger. Her work ethic was incredible which made the whole process a little easier. As this case ended just three weeks ago (after nearly three years), I can say Julie was by far the best decision I could have made in finding representation. Julie won the case for me, so now I can now move on from this and I have Julie to thank for that!


Professional service from experienced legal experts.

August 12, 2017

Michael DelSignore and his associate Julie Gaudreau represented me in defense against a first offense OUI/DUI charge. They were professional, courteous, and had experienced courtroom presence. They took detailed information about my case and my background, and my case was dismissed by the judge under the VALOR ACT. They also gave detailed information to me about the entirety of the legal process involving my charges. They readied and prepared several defenses and preserved evidence that they might need for a contingent defense. Julie Gaudreau is a true expert in OUI/DUI law and anyone facing charges in MA/RI should seek her legal acumen and expertise. My attorneys were always accessible, helpful, and informative. I cannot stress how grateful I am to have hired the right attorney for the job.


Julie is Amazing

November 20, 2016

I hired Julie to defend me on an OUI charge. The case dragged out for several months. Julie was always prompt about answering my questions, even on weekends. This was the first time any thing like this had ever happened to me so I was confused, scared, and had no idea what to expect, etc. Julie always leveled with me but was upbeat. She prepared me very well for my trial. On the day of my trial, my case was the last one tried so she did everything she could to keep me calm and focused. She also prepared me to ensure I presented the best "face" in court. The truly magical part was watching her cross examine the one witness, as she was able to draw, indirectly, information out of him that proved my case. She is smart, able to think on her feet, and uses all the resources available to defend and prove her clients innocence. I loved working with Julie! And highly recommend her should you need an attorney for an OUI defense. And yes, we won our case! Thank you from the bottom of heart Julie!


Professional, Personable & Knowledgeable

October 25, 2016

Julie did what other attorneys told me could not be done. What stood out to me from the moment I contacted Attorney Gaudreau was her kind and compassionate demeanor. Julie is a genuine good and honest person. If you have never had the misfortune of dealing with Criminal Defense Attorney before this is a huge asset to have during a process that can be very stressful. Her pleasant nature coupled with her unwavering determination to have my case heard was comforting. She never made any false promises and was very clear about the possible outcomes of my case, both positive and negative. Attorney Gaudreau always returned my phone calls and emails the same day which in today's world is rare in any type of business. I would highly recommend Julie to anyone who has found themselves in the unfortunate circumstances of dealing with an OUI and the associated RMV ramifications that come along with it. Julie represented me both at the RMV in South Yarmouth and then at the Board of Appeals in Boston. She was clearly well seasoned in the processes and procedures at both hearings. Thanks to Attorney Gaudreau I was able to have a mandatory one year loss of license over turned. Julie is a Godsend.


Exceptional value for amazing Representation

January 11, 2016

Julie was very up front and honest with me throughout my entire court process. She easily explained the expected outcome and helped calm my nerves along the way. Julie was very understanding and easily to get in touch with at any time day or night. All in all she was fantastic & If I myself (God willing I won't) ever need a lawyer again she will most certainly be my first phone call. Thanks again Julie! I couldn't have wished for a better outcome!


OUI Case

December 2, 2015

Julie was the most professional attorney I have ever met. It was a pleasure having her as my defense lawyer. Her courtroom persona was excellent and her advice during my case was always beneficial to my outcome. I would definitely recommend Julie to any person requiring a strong defense lawyer.