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License suspension due to an immediate threat overturned at the Board of Appeals

In this case, the client was involved in a motor vehicle crash which resulted in an OUI charge. Attorney Gaudreau attended the board of appeals hearing alongside the client in Marlborough, where she made an argument that the client had a history of safe driving and does not have a criminal record. Subsequently, the clients license was reinstated with no conditions, as Attoney Gaudreau’s arguments showed the RMV that the client is a responsible motorist in Massachusetts.

Client has license reinstated during the pendency of his case

Attorney Julie Gaudreau attended the clients board of appeals hearing, where she made an argument that the RMV reinstate the clients license while his case is pending in court. Attorney Gaudreau was successfully have the clients license reinstated with the condition that he use an ignition interlock device in his vehicle.

License reinstated for client after immediate threat suspension

In this case, our client was involved in a collision with two other parked cars. The client was not arrested, but the police requested an immediate threat suspension, citing the client’s medical history made her unfit to operate a vehicle in Massachusetts. At the board of appeals, a DelSignore Law attorney was able to exemplify the client was in fact medically suitable to drive, and used letters of recommendation showing that client’s medical conditions did not affect her ability to drive safely. The clients licensed was fully restored without any restrictions.

Client’s license reinstated at the Plymouth Board of Appeals

The police officers, in this case, claimed to observe erratic driving by our client, and the client made a statement to officers that he consumed some marijuana earlier in the day. Attorney Gaudreau utilized physician’s letters